Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ISA 2013 Elections

ISA 2013 Elections

Its time for us (the current ISA Core team) to bid adieu and hand over the roles and responsibilities to a new team. This year, we would have our elections in between then end of Feb - beginning week of march based on Dr. Midha's schedule (we would inform you about the date) We encourage you to send your nominations for the Core posts by emailing us at The last day to apply would be 25th Feb 2013 when the clock strikes 12 at midnight! Please email a brief write up about you (we need your name for sure), the post you are interested in, any previous experience related to the post and the reason for your interest. Just to remind you all, the following posts are open -

President (currently Kashyap Uppuluri)
Treasurer (currently Raja Chegu)
General Secretary (currently Subadhra Janardhanan)
Event Manager (currently Arvind Subramanian)
Sports Secretary (currently Pradeep Addagatla)
Public Relations Officer (currently Prajakta Govardane)
Web Adminstrator (currently me!)

If you have any queries related to the tasks carried our by each role, please feel free to contact the current Core Team directly or email us at

--ISA Drishti