Friday, October 5, 2007

Saturday Soccer

A flyer was sent to all on the mailing list(which unfortunately is not comprehensive) about soccer intramurals this Saturday the 6th from 5-10 pm at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

This post is to get to anyone who might check this blog but was otherwise unawares of the event.

If you are not currently on the mailing list and would like to receive updates, do shoot an e mail to

Auditions for Diwali Play

We are having a skit/play for Diwali, script for which is being woked out by Arun/Irene. We welcome members to volunteer for the piece. Updates on the play would be provided here, although enthusiastic members can start contacting either of the committee members mentioned above. Alternatively an e mail of interest to would suffice. Availability on weekends would be a plus.

For all the world's a stage and we the bit players(with apologies to The Bard) ,

Facing The Music

Judging from the brutally honest (to say the least!) comments in the first post, there needs to be considerable improvement in the music arrangement for parties.

As I see it, these are the options.

1. Update the song list : A text version of Darshan's song list would be put here. Add/remove songs from the list. We have some time before Diwali. However, since most of you profess to know his list on their finger tips, you could start right now.

2. Volunteer as DJ : If there are any hidden talents that we haven't tapped, please please show up or let us know. Also be aware of the scorching criticism that awaits anyone faltering at the podium :-) In this case equipment could still be rented from Darshan at considerably cheaper rates.(Which means more money left, which means more events).

3. Professional DJ : The committee is in talks with people to make this happen. However, ideally, this process should start 4-5 weeks in advance. So we might already be behind schedule. If you have suggestions, kindly come out with them ASAP.

As I see it, option 1 is exclusive. We could have a professional DJ/volunteer/Darshan and also a popular song list. So get going, if you will :-)

Yours Truly,

Friday Financial Blogging

Following is the summary of expenses for the Freshers' Party

$777.87 for 25 sheets of pizza and service charges ($500 provided by Partners In Programming and $ 277.87 from the SAF account of ISA ).

DJing Charges : 0$
Equipment Rental : 300$

120 cans provided through Pepsi Request by the university
Rest : Donated by ICAGA

45$ approximately

Anyone needing a detailed itemization is welcome to e mail me.

At this point I should also note that charges of financial mismanagement are taken seriously by the committee. Although comments in the previous section were given a lot of leeway, this should not be taken as an opportunity for ad hominem attacks.

He said/she said comments are going to be moderated out.

If need be, I will personally scan and put the checks involved, on the blog. And if need further be, there would be an official handing over the money ceremony , open to everyone.

It has caused great angst to our former president, who has devoted so much time and money to the organization, to be accused of embezzlement. His integrity and character, for me, are beyond reproach. Anyone thinking otherwise should have proof on which they base their arguments.

Yours Truly,

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welcome Note

This is the place where each member of the ISA committee would be individually blogging with what they have in mind about specific events and the direction that they see the organization heading to. We invite you to join us, in the form of comments and guest pieces. It is our intention to build this organization based on collective constructive criticism.

The objectives of this blog have been outlined below followed by the tentative list of events that is the framework of what the committee has thought for the year. Availability of funds are the limiting factor, of course, which is why we are banking on enthusiastic participation from ,and the support of, all members.


1. To get critiques on the number and type of events.

2. To invite people to blog with us, and share anything that is interesting, evocative, or would spark a discussion. Pieces may be about travel/opinion/music/arts/sports. Only criterion is readability.

3. To get the ISA going towards formation of a placement committee and the creation of alumni networking fora.

4. To be, specifically, the point of consensus and democratic discussion, on topics ranging from choice of movies in movie nights to music at the events, in the form of opinion polls.

5. To be the catalyst for ideas and suggestions from one all.

6. To relay what the committee has as its objectives at various times and to incorporate the student voice and hence augment the scope of activities.

7. To get the Indian community, the largest international presence on the campus, heard in the University of Akron.

8. To be the definitive point of getting the word out and building a presence at the large number of events, both fundraisers and otherwise, the ISA intends to hold.



1. Game Nights (Cavs/Browns/Indians/Cricket/Soccer(UEFA/Euro/EPL?) )

2. House parties/Fundraisers at eat outs.(Hungry Howies for a start?)

3. Movie Nights (Two regional language movies are to be shown in Oct/Nov. Suggestions are welcome.)

4. Bowling Nights (On a Friday night. Dates are to be decided soon.)

5. Diwali

6. Christmas Party

7. Bhangra Night

8. Intramurals (on 6th October we have soccer intramurals from 5-10 pm in the Rec centre. We also intend to have Badminton, Ping Pong, and Volleyball intramurals)

Spring (Excepting the ones in common with Fall{1-4} )

1. Ice Skating

2. Paintball

3. Saraswati Puja/Cultural Night

4. Pongal/Makar Sankranti/Lohri

5. Spring party/Holi

6. Alumni meet

7. Camping

8. Freshers Picnic

We had three events being hosted by the Association so far. Ganesh Puja, Bowling Night and a Movie Night. Some pictures from the bowling night are included in this piece. The collection would be uploaded on the website soon. Comment in your input/ideas/suggestions. Email articles to All comments are to be moderated for obvious reasons.

We hope you enjoyed the Freshers' Party and thanks for visiting.


ISA Team '07