Friday, September 12, 2008

Meet the candidates

The elections , as most of you would know, are scheduled at 5 PM on Saturday the 13th of September. The positions of General Secretary, Sports Secretary and Public Relations Officer have been decided by unanimity as these were the nominations received and seconded by 9 PM yesterday(Thursday the 11th). We have two nominations for Treasurer. All nominations have been listed below:-

1. General Secretary - Arun Ramu (Mechanical Engg. )
2. Sports Secretary - Dileep Reddy Desai (Electrical Engineering)
3. Public Relations Officer - Pradeep Namburu (Electrical Engineering)

For the position of Treasurer we have two nominations:-

a. Samiksha Gupta (Statistics)
b. Bharath kumar reddy Mandadi (Electrical Engineering)

The General Secretary Arun Ramu also gave us a brief synopsis of his executive/team experience and plans for the ISA. We are very happy to include it below and invite discussion:-


Experience: Sports Secretary- 2007-2008 (ISA)
Other Executive and team experience: Director, Actor - IMAGE (Bangalore based theatre group)
Member Team'Arma Aurora'- M.S.Ramaiah Institute Of Technology.
Business Consultant (VAULT)- Spearheaded Nation wide recruitment drives and Outdoor team building camps for ORACLE.
Business Development (Kalmar India): Business Expansion-Southern India.

Plans for ISA: Support the team to cater to the diversity existing in the community.
Create a strong alumini and a stage for networking.
Encourage active participation among all members of the community in the social events organised.
Encourage Blogging.

We would decide on the positions of President, Vice President, and Treasurer on Saturday.

Thanks for your support over the past academic year. See you all on Saturday:)