Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Financial Blogging

Following is the summary of expenses for the Freshers' Party

$777.87 for 25 sheets of pizza and service charges ($500 provided by Partners In Programming and $ 277.87 from the SAF account of ISA ).

DJing Charges : 0$
Equipment Rental : 300$

120 cans provided through Pepsi Request by the university
Rest : Donated by ICAGA

45$ approximately

Anyone needing a detailed itemization is welcome to e mail me.

At this point I should also note that charges of financial mismanagement are taken seriously by the committee. Although comments in the previous section were given a lot of leeway, this should not be taken as an opportunity for ad hominem attacks.

He said/she said comments are going to be moderated out.

If need be, I will personally scan and put the checks involved, on the blog. And if need further be, there would be an official handing over the money ceremony , open to everyone.

It has caused great angst to our former president, who has devoted so much time and money to the organization, to be accused of embezzlement. His integrity and character, for me, are beyond reproach. Anyone thinking otherwise should have proof on which they base their arguments.

Yours Truly,

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