Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welcome Note

This is the place where each member of the ISA committee would be individually blogging with what they have in mind about specific events and the direction that they see the organization heading to. We invite you to join us, in the form of comments and guest pieces. It is our intention to build this organization based on collective constructive criticism.

The objectives of this blog have been outlined below followed by the tentative list of events that is the framework of what the committee has thought for the year. Availability of funds are the limiting factor, of course, which is why we are banking on enthusiastic participation from ,and the support of, all members.


1. To get critiques on the number and type of events.

2. To invite people to blog with us, and share anything that is interesting, evocative, or would spark a discussion. Pieces may be about travel/opinion/music/arts/sports. Only criterion is readability.

3. To get the ISA going towards formation of a placement committee and the creation of alumni networking fora.

4. To be, specifically, the point of consensus and democratic discussion, on topics ranging from choice of movies in movie nights to music at the events, in the form of opinion polls.

5. To be the catalyst for ideas and suggestions from one all.

6. To relay what the committee has as its objectives at various times and to incorporate the student voice and hence augment the scope of activities.

7. To get the Indian community, the largest international presence on the campus, heard in the University of Akron.

8. To be the definitive point of getting the word out and building a presence at the large number of events, both fundraisers and otherwise, the ISA intends to hold.



1. Game Nights (Cavs/Browns/Indians/Cricket/Soccer(UEFA/Euro/EPL?) )

2. House parties/Fundraisers at eat outs.(Hungry Howies for a start?)

3. Movie Nights (Two regional language movies are to be shown in Oct/Nov. Suggestions are welcome.)

4. Bowling Nights (On a Friday night. Dates are to be decided soon.)

5. Diwali

6. Christmas Party

7. Bhangra Night

8. Intramurals (on 6th October we have soccer intramurals from 5-10 pm in the Rec centre. We also intend to have Badminton, Ping Pong, and Volleyball intramurals)

Spring (Excepting the ones in common with Fall{1-4} )

1. Ice Skating

2. Paintball

3. Saraswati Puja/Cultural Night

4. Pongal/Makar Sankranti/Lohri

5. Spring party/Holi

6. Alumni meet

7. Camping

8. Freshers Picnic

We had three events being hosted by the Association so far. Ganesh Puja, Bowling Night and a Movie Night. Some pictures from the bowling night are included in this piece. The collection would be uploaded on the website soon. Comment in your input/ideas/suggestions. Email articles to All comments are to be moderated for obvious reasons.

We hope you enjoyed the Freshers' Party and thanks for visiting.


ISA Team '07


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hope isa is not paying Dead Jockey darshan.... for his amazing sense of playing tracks ....a radio station would have been all financial costs gone into this freshers party.

Anonymous said...

All those who think the darshan was trash......say "YES" below

Anonymous said...

YES - He took money for that trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

YES...He sucked..same DEAD music in all the events..And the worst part is, he charged ISA..I wonder why the committee agreed to pay him...Maybe because some of the members are his pals???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

guys...lets not take everything away from Darshan....He took money for the event...that def. is for the speakers and the lighting systems....we won't get that for we??? so for all who felt that he charged for DJing...i think u got the answer....

Again I would ask all....when u guys knew that Darshan was going to be the DJ...y dint he/she step up and take the initiative...and ISA guys should have atleast helped Darshan with some songs when they wanted to have all kinds of languages...was there any such move done from them....I think NO again...

Coming to the tracks sucking....Yes....I agree....there should be some change of songs atleast....come on darshan....every year lots and lots of movies are released and most of them have good songs....Chak de India is some sort of emotional song that brings the spirit of Indians together.... but thats not something people want to rock for....or is mehndi laga ke rakhna or boli chudiya something people want to dance when their energy levels are high....overall it was poor because the same old songs were repeated once more....and also u should have changed the songs when u see it in front of your eyes that people are not dancing for your tunes....

Getting in general to Freshers party.....ISA....your timing was very bad....most of the students /freshers were having their jobs at Martin Center and most of them missed the major chunk of the show....this was something like a spring party and not the same like last years freshers....and piece of advice to the host of the day....Arun....Dude....I am happy to see your energy levels and also trying to get the crowd going into everything...but your having your mike so close to your mouth that 90% of your words were so unclear and none could understand what was happening though you rocked most of the time with your energy...

Comments Guys....or someone wants to add to this...

Anonymous said...

I agree that darshan charged for speakers and lightning system. But last year we had four speakers and this time there were only two speakers which were infact a much inferior quality. Even if we had rented four speakers from other sources it would have been cheaper or atleast same and better quality. what say?

Arun did his job well. I even could not hear what he was saying but ISA committe should have let him know that no one could hear him. they were sleeping.

Anonymous said...

DJ sucks....and what I am reading here...Darshan charged here for DJing...its unbelievebale and his friends in ISA let him do? yeah but why to get surprised....aren't we typical how can we set the thing straight...doesnt matter where we are on this earth....corruption roots in our blood.....
about the selection of songs.....its same old track going on and on.....half of the people left after the party.....
Can't we have any professional DJ????
Can't we get some good speakers on rent from outside????
is anyone listening in ISA?????
I think no.....
and guys get ready to get bored with Darshan in next ISA events......

Anonymous said...

To ISA president.....
would you mind posting all the expenses of fresher's party (in full detail) on isa website?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why there was no "tu tu main main" this year. I guess the wait is over.

The party def sucked, so did the DJ, and the stale pizza.

Time to move on, ISA has lots to work on.

@kunal: if u have a prob with the timings for any event that ISA organized,u should talk to ur roomie who is on the committee, rather than spam our mail box with such crap.

Anonymous said...

come on lets give the isa team atleast some credit ..... after all they did arrange the party .... be it good or bad ..... as for darshan ... i too think isa shud hire a pro dj.... but on the flip side thts too expensive ...... so can some one volunteer to take his place .......

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess its time to move on..But a few suggestions to the committee for the diwali function
-- no pizza
-- definately NO darshan
-- good sound system
-- Please include the freshers' email-id's in the ISA mailing list.Quite a few freshers did not know about the freshers' party.


Anonymous said...

you know guys its so funny none of u have the courage or time to spare for isa or isa events but u sure do complain like crazy now thts wht indians are like, all this makes me feel rite at home thank you guys!

Kunal said...

Hi , Post all the comments with ur name and then people will reply. As far as my roomies are concerned , well its none of ur business whom I ask as I am one of the members of ISA and being on the ISA committe I think u should be bold enough to post ur name , I think now people know whom I refering to. Next time post ur name also .

Anonymous said...

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