Friday, October 5, 2007

Facing The Music

Judging from the brutally honest (to say the least!) comments in the first post, there needs to be considerable improvement in the music arrangement for parties.

As I see it, these are the options.

1. Update the song list : A text version of Darshan's song list would be put here. Add/remove songs from the list. We have some time before Diwali. However, since most of you profess to know his list on their finger tips, you could start right now.

2. Volunteer as DJ : If there are any hidden talents that we haven't tapped, please please show up or let us know. Also be aware of the scorching criticism that awaits anyone faltering at the podium :-) In this case equipment could still be rented from Darshan at considerably cheaper rates.(Which means more money left, which means more events).

3. Professional DJ : The committee is in talks with people to make this happen. However, ideally, this process should start 4-5 weeks in advance. So we might already be behind schedule. If you have suggestions, kindly come out with them ASAP.

As I see it, option 1 is exclusive. We could have a professional DJ/volunteer/Darshan and also a popular song list. So get going, if you will :-)

Yours Truly,

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melvyn tivari said...

whats need for all language music? today all dance music, regardless of whether it is hindi, english, telgu, tamil, or gujurati has beats and rhythm. however, everyone can understand hindi english music but every cant understand and appreciate music in other languages.

also, i dont think it is the brightest idea to have a list of songs and people adding deleting and all that. if that is done then why is dj required?