Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Drishti blog spot!

The new ISA core Team for the year 2012-2013 is now:

President                          -         Kashyap Uppuluri
Treasurer                          -         Raja Chegu
General Secretary             -         Subadhra Janardhan
Web Administrator            -         Shruti Vangari
Event Manager                  -         Aravind Subramanian
Public Relations Officer     -          Prajakta Govande
Sports Secretary               -         Satish Jatain

We salute the work our seniors have done in the past for the ISA! We wish to continue the legacy of their work and wish to bring more innovation. We hope to set an example to the future generations and hope that they would continue building the bonds of culture and team work that we would lay for them. To make all this possible, we need the support and co-operation of every Indian on campus so that we can bring out the best. We hope that every student that is a part of the University would come forward to support us. We would also like to remind our alumni/seniors that they are always a part of the ISA no matter how far they move away from Akron and hope that they would continue to guide us.

The ladder to any success story cannot be laid without teamwork and we hope that every Indian would be instrumental in helping us execute every event. 

Come back here to read more! We now officially announce the re-launch of the Drishti blog site :)

The ISA Team

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