Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank you ISA members!

Hi all,
I want to thank everyone for making the ISA election 2010 a great success on Sep 18.

I would personally like to thank following ISA members that made it to the elections and showed us support-

Srikanth,Birla, Tejal, Karthik, Aditya, Dipin, Vivek, Tejal, Mansi, Neha, Ashima, Mani, Ashok.

I am sorry if I left anyone out!

The following are the officers for ISA 2010:

1. President-- Priya Srinivasan
2. Vice President-- Anurag Sharma
3. General Secretary-- Prerna Arya
4. Treasurer-- Prabhakar Pai
5. Public Relations Officer-- Priyanka Maganti
6. Sports Secretary-- Rochak Vig
7. Web Admin-- Pradeep Garimella

The above duties can be shared if anyone is willing to contribute to the ISA.


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